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Established in 2004, Nav Indus Food Machines Pvt. Ltd. is an eminent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Cattle, Poultry, and Aqua Feed Plants on turnkey basis. We also manufacture and supply Expander-Extruders, Drier Coolers for Solvent Extraction Plants, Palm oil Screw Press for Palm oil processing plants.

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Our manufacturing facilities are in 2 locations just 10 minutes apart within Chennai city limits. The consolidated area measures over 1700 Sq. m. (18,000 Sq. ft.). Our in-house facility for inspection & QUALITY assurance of the manufactured items is equipped with instruments & operating procedures that underline the essential characteristics of our quality policy.

R&D is a constant activity at our works focused on improving efficiency, productivity and safety of our plants & machinery with a keen eye on keeping the COST within reach. This precisely is the reason why NIFM has made a success of indigenously manufactured feed plants and machinery within the Indian subcontinent and overseas.


  • Extensive experience in Feed Industry.
  • Stable Org. with a Reliable Team (60 employees)
  • Supported by 30 Stable Sub Contractors
  • Proximity to Port, International Airport and established Shipper Relationship
  • International Shipping Experience and Capabilities
  • No DEBIT, Infrastructure and capabilities for ramp up.
  • 24 x 7 after sales service support


We, at Nav Indus Food Machines Pvt. Ltd.,strive to be the Best at what we Do and adhere to the following principles:-

  • Professionalism
  • Respect for others
  • Prompt delivery
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Solidarity
  • Customer Satisfaction


Some of the Feed Plant Projects we are currently engaged in are:-

  • 15 TPH Capacity Poultry Feed Plant at Kolkata.
  • 20 TPH Capacity Poultry Feed Plant at Kolkata and Bihar
  • 5 TPH Capacity Cattle & Poultry Feed plant at Andhrapradesh.
  • 2 TPH Feed plant at Tamil Nadu.
  • Oil Plant Equipments to Egypt & Suddan

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Feed Processing Plant & Equipments

Feed Plant

Feed Processing Plants:-

  • Poultry Feed Plant
  • Cattle Feed Plant
  • Aqua Feed Plant
  • Conversion of Existing Mash Plant to Pelleting Plant
  • (Both Semi Automatic type and Automatic Batch weighing type)

Owing to the experience and in-depth knowledge of our team, we are capable of manufacturing, supply and export of Feed Plant. These plants are used for making various kinds of feed for Cattle and Poultry. Auto Batch weighing, Grinding, conveying, mixing, pelleting, cooling, crumbling and packaging are all integrated in these plants in order to provide speedy and accurate performance. We are pioneers in India and overseas for the supply of machineries and plants on Turnkey basis to produce pellets in different sizes for Cattle, Poultry and Aqua feed consumption.


NIFM Feed Plant Model Poultry feed 3mm Ø Pellets Cattle feed 8mm Ø Pellets Aqua Feed
Sinking feed 4mm Ø Pellets Floating feed 5mm Ø Pellets
Junior Feed Plant 2 Tons / Hr 3 Tons / Hr 1 Ton / Hr 1 Ton / Hr
Senior Feed Plant 5 Tons / Hr 6 Tons / Hr 3 Ton / Hr 2 Ton / Hr
Super Senior Feed Plant 10 Tons / Hr 12 Tons / Hr 5 Ton / Hr 4 Ton / Hr
Jumbo Plant 12 Tons / Hr 15 Tons / Hr -- --
Big Jumbo Plant 15 Tons / Hr 20 Tons / Hr -- --

Feed Processing Equipments:-

Feed Plant

FEED PLANT with Automation is based on the technology to operate the industry in unmatchable accuracy, reliability, repeatability and quality. Regarding sequence of operation, there is not much difference from the Semi- Automatic Plant except for the DIGITAL MULTI INGREDIENT AUTOMATIC BATCHING SYSTEM with fully automatic features, Design of computation and control device in conjunction with the precise load cell mounting modules gives the side load and vibration tolerance features

Automatic Batching Systems are highly recommended for the Poultry/Cattle feed plants of 5TPH and above. The feed plant with this system is designed for consistency of operation, reduce human fatigue and also to have a detailed production report on the batching process.

Typically the system consists of the following equipments:

  • Elevators & Conveyors to carry and distribute different ingredients to storage bins.
  • Storage Bins designed from 10 MT-50MT Capacity based on bulk density of 650 Kg/Cu Meter
  • Pneumatic Discharge Gate for each Storage Bin.
  • Batch Weighing Hopper with load cell and their mounting apparatus.
  • Dump Flap below the Batch Weighing Hopper.

Hammer mill is basically all purpose grinder which can be used for grinding wide range of feed stuff, such as Oil Cakes. Extraction meal, Broken rice, Oat, Hulls and maize. The matter to be ground is subjected to the beating action of Hammers until reduced to the fineness necessary to pass through the sieve. Hammer mill is constructed for high speed continuous grinding. It consists of fabricated body. The grinding chamber is usually formed by a series of steel plates build up on a shaft and separated sufficiently to allow the beaters to be mounted between them upon transverse spindles or pins which pass through the beaters that are made from mild steel (hardened). The rotor is dynamically balanced and mounted on two self aligned bearings. The grinding chamber and the motor are directly coupled and arm mounted on a common base frame. Vibration dampers are provided to check all sort of vibrations occurring due to the running of the machine.


NIFM Model Motor Power Capacity
For Mash (6mm Hole Screen) For Pellet ( 3mm Hole Screen)
HM 350 10 to 15 HP 2 to 3 Tons / Hr 1 to 1.5 Tons / Hr
HM 450 25 to 30 HP 4 to 5 Tons / Hr 2 to 3 Tons / Hr
HM 550 50 to 60 HP 8 to 10 Tons / Hr 5 to 6 Tons / Hr
HM 650 75 to 100 HP 14 to 15 Tons / Hr 9 to 10 Tons / Hr
HM 750 100 to 150 HP 18 to 20 Tons / Hr 14 to 15 Tons / Hr

Twin spiral ribbon type mixer with oil dozing arrangements to mix the ground powders homogeneously. Capacity of the mixer depends upon the output of the plant. The batch mixer has twin spiral mounted shaft rotating in a semi-circular enclosure with a pneumatically operated full length flap at bottom.

We also supply Paddle type mixers


NIFM Model Volume ( ltrs) Motor Power Capacity / Hr. (500 Kgs / M³ Bulk Density)
BM 500 1000 15 HP 3 to 4 Tons / Hr ( 4 to 6 min. mixing)
BM 1000 2000 20 HP 6 to 8 Tons / Hr ( 4 to 6 min. mixing)
BM 1500 3000 30 HP 9 to 12 Tons / Hr ( 4 to 6 min. mixing)
BM 2000 4000 40 HP 12 to 16 Tons / Hr ( 4 to 6 min. mixing)
BM 3000 6000 50 HP 18 to 22 Tons / Hr ( 4 to 6 min. mixing)

Molasses Blender to prepare a homogeneous dispersion of heated molasses throughout the incoming powdered mixed feed. The Capacity range is to suit with the Batch Mixer Capacity. The Blender is in horizontal construction with twin intermeshing rotor with paddles ( statically and dynamically balanced). For easy cleaning, the blender is designed with swing type cleaning doors in both the sides covering the full length.


NIFM Model Motor Power Capacity / Hr.
MM 15 15 HP 5 Tons / Hr
MM 25 20 HP 10 Tons / Hr

On the basis of feed plant expertise, we have developed a brand new series of pellet mill. An attractive product in many ways which excels in its technical performance, maximal operational safety, proverbial life span and simple maintenance, offering ‘more’ value for ‘less’ money. That is why Nav Indus Food Machines call it a Perfect Mill. NIFM's pellet mills comes in different capacities with the same number of components but of different sizes to suit every industry need.


Model Motor HP Capacity on Poultry feed 3mm Ø Pellets Capacity on Cattle feed 8mm Ø Pellets
Junior 60 2 Tons / Hr. 3 Tons / Hr.
Senior 120 5 Tons / Hr. 6 Tons / Hr.
Super senior 220 10 Tons / Hr. 12 Tons / Hr.
Jumbo 250 12 Tons / Hr. 15 Tons / Hr.
Big Jumbo 350 15 Tons / Hr. 20 Tons / Hr.

Our Pellet mills are also used for Organic Manure Pelleting, Bio Mass Pelleting and Minor Oil Crop Pelleting for better extraction


The Counter Flow Cooler works on the principle of cool air flowing upwards through hot pellets moving down wards, and suction of hot air by a blower. It consists of an inlet rotary feeder, cooling hood, product distributor, unloader gate and an outlet hopper. A pneumatic suction system for extracting hot air from top is provided separately. The capacity range is made to match with the Pellet Mill capacity.


NIFM Model Motor Power Blower Motor Capacity / Hr.
Cooler Feeder
CFC 3 x 5 1 HP 1 HP 10 HP 2 to 3 Tons / Hr
CFC 4 x 6 2 HP 1.5 HP 15 HP 5 to 6 Tons / Hr
CFC 5 x 10 2 HP 1.5 HP 25 HP 10 to 12 Tons / Hr
CFC 8 x 8 3 HP 1.5 HP 40 HP 14 to 16 Tons / Hr

Crumbler machine consists of a pair of hardened , grooved cylindrical rollers moving in opposite directions and spaced at a desired (adjustable) distance. It is used to crumble whole pellets into smaller portions by passing whole pellets through The gap between the two rollers. Parallel or series crumblers are used to achieve higher capacity and finer crumbs. The capacity range is made to match the Pellet Mill Capacity.


NIFM Model Roll Size in mm Motor Power Capacity / Hr.
Feeder Crumbler
PC 125 Ø 125 x 750 1 HP 5 HP 2 to 3 Tons / Hr
PC 150 Ø 150 x 1250 2 HP 7.5 HP 4 to 5 Tons / Hr
PC 250 S Ø 250 x 1250 2 HP 10 HP 8 to 10 Tons / Hr
PC 250 L Ø 250 x 1500 2 HP 15 HP 12 to 15 Tons / Hr

Pellet Sieve with vibrating motors to give vibrating motion. Single/Double deck arrangement with one/two sieves to segregate feed in two/three grades. The Capacity range is made to match with the Pellet Mill capacity.


Bucket Elevator - to transfer the material from ground level to desired height.
Conveyors – Screw Type, Paddle type. Chain Type, Belt type
The range of conveyors and elevator are developed to match with the needs of storage and movement plans.


Recently, NIFM has entered into manufacturing of complete Fish Feed plant (Floating type). This we achieved with the introduction of indigenously developed Floater (Extruder). Our Fish Feed plants are running successfully in Andhra Pradesh, India.


Model Motor HP Throughput / Hour On 5mm Dia Floating Type Aqua Feed pellets
AJX 1000 60 750 Kgs to 1000 Kgs
AJX 2000 100 2000 Kgs to 3000 Kgs

Double Pass Drier is to cool and dry the Pellets coming out from the Floater.

Other Products

Oil Extraction Equipments:-


We have the acumen and experience to manufacture, supply and export Expander Extruder. These products are extensively used for extracting oil from cotton seed, rice bran, palm kernel, soya bean, sun flower, rape seed, mustard seed and many more other materials. Equipped with Squeezomatic, Autorun and Annular Gap attachments, these products provide high performance without any flaws and delays. NIFM manufactures Expander Extruder in varied specifications as per client's needs.
The integrated system of Expander Extruder consists of:

  • Squeezomatic Attachment - Used for processing high oil seeds, which removes about 15% of the oil content on the Expander stage itself and the balance to be extracted in Extractor
  • Autorun Attachment - Used to squeeze the oil from the seeds and to get the balance material in the form of cakes.
  • Annular Gap Attachment - used to remove the excess water content from the squeezed out cakes.
Expander Extruder


NIFM Model Motor Power Capacity per Day of 22 Hrs Running
Soya seed Sun Flower Seed Cotton Seed
NI-150 60 HP 60 Tons 40 Tons 20 Tons
NI-200 100 HP 200 Tons 120 Tons 100 Tons
NI-225 120 HP 300 Tons 180 Tons 125 Tons
NI-250 150 HP 500 Tons 300 Tons 200 Tons
NI-300 220 HP 1000 Tons 500 Tons 400 Tons

Horizontal type, single pass drier cooler with capacities ranging from 150 to 1000 TPD is designed & factory welded for low maintenance, with low speed trays. Drying is performed by radiators. Centrifugal fans (Blowers) do the cooling.


NIFM Model Motor Power Capacity per Day
NIDC 150 18 HP 150 Tons
NIDC 200 22 HP 200 Tons
NIDC 400 32 HP 400 Tons
NIDC 500 39 HP 500 Tons
NIDC 800 57 HP 800 Tons
NIDC 1000 67 HP 1000 Tons
Drier Cooler

Since the time of our inception, we have been in the field of manufacturing, supplying and exporting Palm Oil Twin Screw Press. The press plays a major role in a Palm oil plant and is the deciding factor for the efficiency of the plant. It is used to expel the oil from the palm fruits digested mash. With self-adjusting hydraulic unit and well balanced axial thrust and low power consumption, consistent performance and optimum output, NIFM's Twin Screw Press are very popular in the market. NIFM Palm Oil Twin Screw Press can be availed in different models as per the needs of the clients.
Capacity Range : 5 Tons of Fresh fruit Bunches / Hour & 10 Tons of Fresh fruit Bunches / Hour





Pellet Dies, Gun Drilled Dies and Press Roll shell for Pellet Mills
We manufacture Dies varying from 2.0mm to 16.0mm diameter hole and other spares such as Press roll shells and all other pellet mill spares. Latest addition to our arsenals is a Gun Drilling Machine. Gun drilled dies enhances the speedy pellets.


for other equipments

ELEVATORS Buckets, Belt and Fastners etc.
HAMMER MILLS Beater, Sieve and Rotor Assembly
CRUMBLERS Rolls, Spring and Gears etc.
EXPANDER-EXTRUDERS & DRIER COOLERS Helical Screws (worms), Steam bolts, Sleeves, Die plate with Die bushes from 8mm to 14.0mm dia hole.
Also S.S. Perforated Trays, Sprockets, Chain assembly and other spares for Drier Coolers.
TWIN SCREW PRESS Variable pitch screw, Cage, Cone, Strainer and other spares.


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Consistent with the company's purpose, Nav Indus Food Machines Pvt. Ltd. constantly strives to improve the quality of the industries It serves through excellence in all facets of its activities. We are committed to creating value for all our customers by continually improving our systems and processes through innovation, involving all the ideas from our valued customers. This policy has formed the basis of our Quality Control Process. Every product is put through a series of quality checks, before the actual delivery, and is packed with specialized packaging materials, protecting them from any potential damage during transit.


Nav Indus Food Machines Pvt. Ltd. is empowered by a modern infrastructural setup, comprising of a team of experienced and skilled engineers and technicians as well as state-of-the-art manufacturing plants. All the departments and their respective functions are integrated in the most professional manner so that quality standards are not compromised and they meet global standards and customer expectations. We are headed by professionals who have in depth knowledge and understanding of the industry. The logistic professionals ensure hassle free shipments and clearances by the authorities and thus, guarantee timely delivery of the consignment

After Sales Service

To any Industry, service is an important aspect, to ensure prompt assistance to a customer, as and when, it is required. We have available with us experienced engineers, who could be deputed at short notice. Beside, they also make periodical visits to our installations. We have established this `service cell’ comprising of engineers experienced in maintenance, with a view to ensure prompt and timely service to our customers.

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OFFICE : No. 55, Veerappa Nagar,
Alwarthiru Nagar, Chennai – 600 078.
Call: +91-044-2486 3447 / 2486 2814
E-mail: info@navindus.com / navindus@yahoo.com
Web: www.navindus.com

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